Fair Fares? How airlines get away with differential pricing

Episode 21: Differential Pricing in Opaque Markets – Show Notes Why do some people pay $120 and others pay $650 for a seat on the same airplane? Or the same car insurance policy? Differential pricing is everywhere but it is especially prevalent in opaque, algorithm-driven markets. Is it fair to charge differently for different people? […]

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Price Discrimination in Retail

Episode 20: Price Discrimination in Retail – Show Notes Price discrimination is when companies show different prices to different customers based on what each customer is willing to pay. For many retailers, that means gathering data and creating algorithms that predict what a customer will spend on each item. Is it fair to force customers […]

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Transparency & Reputational risk
Reputational Risk and Data Transparency

Episode 15: Transparency and Reputational Risk – Show Notes Between the mortgage crisis, Madoff Scandall, and Wells Fargo’s fraudulent account openings, banks have had a rough go of it. They have become increasingly aware and sensitive to the effects of reputational risk. To counter these possible problems, many banks have implemented more stringent policies for […]

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