Data Science Use at DSEthics

We Believe in Data Science

Here at Data Science Ethics, we try to use as much data science as possible to make our lives easier. In fact, every single episode of the Data Science Ethics Podcast uses machine learning. Below are just some of the applications of data science that we’ve used.

Logo Creation

The Data Science Ethics logo was created using Logojoy – an AI-powered logo maker. Pick designs that appeal to you from a gallery of examples, choose your color scheme, search for icons, and Logojoy mixes and matches to give you a great logo.

Episode Transcripts

New and Improved! From episode 12 on, we have been using a newcomer transcription service called Temi. The temi algorithm does an excellent job with identifying speakers, learning from your vocal patterns, and using capitalization and grammar. This is an online learning system with a really slick UI allowing the user to edit the transcript on their platform. The changes are then fed back into the algorithm so that it can learn from where it had gotten things right or wrong. It even highlights things that it is less certain about. This service does charge a little bit but the difference in quality is well worth it.

Each episode (up to 11) got transcribed (at least roughly) through the Amazon Transcribe web service. This machine learning application does speech-to-text and speaker identification. It also allows for custom term dictionaries so that words or phrases specific to the content can be transcribed more accurately.