Renee Cummings, Lexy Kassan, Marie Weber

Encode Equity

Show Notes on Encode Equity Organizations have flocked to data science as a means of achieving unbiased results in decision-making on the premise that “the data doesn’t lie.” Yet, as data is reflective of the biases in our culture, in our history, and in our perspectives, it is particularly na├»ve to assume that models will […]

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Tay Bot profile photo

Tay Bot: A Cautionary Tale

Show Notes on Tay Bot Tay Bot was a very short-lived chat AI. Launched by Microsoft in 2016 with the goal of researching conversational speech online, it soon learned all-too-well from users that there is a very dark side to human nature on the internet. Within 24 hours, Tay Bot was both repeating and generating […]

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Preventing Fake News

Episode 24: Preventing Fake News – Show Notes Researchers at OpenAI have made amazing breakthroughs in natural language processing in the creation and interpretation of content. So amazing, in fact, that they have elected to withhold the full version from release so that it does not fall into malicious hands. They stated preventing fake news […]

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AI Has Americans Worried

Episode 23: Concerns About AI – Show Notes Horror stories of AI gone mad are everywhere in science fiction – but are they likely to become reality? Many Americans now believe so. Based on a recent Vox article covering a study from the University of Oxford, we discuss the top concerns about AI on the […]

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Moral Machine and We Get Stumped

Episode 16: The Moral Machine – Show Notes MIT conducted a long-term study called the Moral Machine that spanned the globe. It posed seemingly-simply questions about what a driverless car should do. These were variations on the trolley problem – a classic ethical dilemma about whether the driver of a runaway trolley should avoid striking […]

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